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Door Accessories

Another thing that goes along with your new door to make your home look great are the accessories. Today, most modern homes are built with a sunburst transom above the front entrance, and sidelites on each side. When replacing your door, it is often needed to make custom changes around the door area to make everything look its best. Here at Suntech Doors, we offer our customers with all the needed supplies for easy matching and convenience. Upgrade with a keylock or a Tasman security lock to fit your needs.

You can depend on us to bring you the door accessories you need, whether you are looking to secure your front door from unwanted guests or to make sure those pesky patio doors stop banging on your walls. Some of the more popular ones in our lineup include:


If you need an added layer of security to protect you while you're in your home, then you can't go wrong with our selection of door latches. We have light latches meant for effortlessly locking screen doors to heavier deadbolts that will hamper even the most determined burglar.

Security Hinges

Speaking of determined burglars, a set of security hinges will make it nigh impossible for ordinary folks to break down your doors. And even if they do have such intentions, they'll need to spend a lot of time and create a lot of noise before they can make any progress with our hinges!

Decorative Additions

Most modern homes come with sunburst transoms on top of the door and sidelites flanking the sides of the door itself. We provide these decorative additions and more to those that want to make their homes much more elegant and attractive to the eye.

Welded Products

We here at Suntech Doors also provide other welded items, including but not limited to custom railings, single style gates, double style gates, window guards, mailbox stands and even figurines designed to fit perfectly well with your mailbox!

Our catalogue of door accessories has many more items in stock, from doorstops and door viewers to flush bolts and hydraulic door closers. Contact us if you find something you like and we'll work out a deal to bring our accessories to your doorstep!


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