Welded Security Doors

A great advantage and most important feature about welded security doors is the amount of security they offer your home. Welded security doors can be the key to keeping any outsiders from entering your home. These top of the line welded doors are manufactured with maximum durability and quality for years of use. All of our welded doors are available in white, bronze, and also custom colors to perfectly match your homes exterior. Each one comes with the Tasman (double keyed) security lock. Contact us today for more information on protecting your home and family with a welded security door.

If you want to protect yourself, your family and your enterprise, you will definitely want to invest in measures to keep bad guys out of your property. Welded security doors have a lot to offer in that matter, especially since they offer an added layer of security to the entrances of your home or office.

But what kind of doors can you expect from us? Here are some of the more popular ones we provide:

Steel Wrought Security Doors

Our steel wrought security doors are some of our fastest lines of security doors. The steel bars can be shaped into any form, from utilitarian lines to more aesthetically pleasing curves and bends. These can be prefabricated or custom-made to fit your needs, but they nonetheless provide a valuable first-line defense for your property.

Security Screen Doors

We also have doors that are made not only of wrought steel but are also layered with thick steel mesh as well. This allows air and light to pass through while still protecting your privacy and securing your doors from unwanted fiddling. Oh, and they are also great at keeping flying pests like flies and mosquitoes out of your home!

Reinforced Storm Doors

We have special sliding storm doors that can protect your property not just from burglars and vandals but from storms and hurricanes as well. The reinforced components coupled with the sliding function of these doors make it very hard for strong winds and prying hands alike to open them up.

Expandable Gates

If you are looking to protect a wider entrance, say the wide double-doors of a storefront, then our expandable gates will work well for you. These doors can be contracted during opening hours and expanded during closing hours – allowing you to easily secure larger entrances without spending too much time, effort and money while doing so.

Like what you see? Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our reinforced and welded security doors!

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